About Joel

Joel is a highly empathetic, genuine and warm-hearted personal trainer who works with energy and talking therapy techniques to engage with clients profoundly. He is a strong mental health advocate who coaches both the mind and body to educate clients on a deeper level, resulting in significant transformations.

Using his training in psychology and counselling he is able to assess behavioural patterns to eliminate obstacles getting in the way of client goals. Taking the time to find out what motivates each client combined with an openness to share his personal challenges put clients at ease because he truly understands growth and development is a personal process.

With over twenty years of experience working with celebrities, young professionals, health care workers and CEO's he believes in small sustainable lifestyle changes rather than short term quick fixes. Quick fixes do not work because successfully reaching fitness goals takes time, effort and dedication (concepts that are foreign in today’s “I want it now” culture).

His charisma, passion and drive will keep you on track getting the best out of you.

Joel Gentle



Nutritional advice

There are countless advantages of good nutrition both in physical and mental health. Balanced nutrition provides you with energy, giving your body exactly what it needs and promotes good sleep.

Lifestyle coaching

Setting an alarm on your phone reminding you to drink a glass of water or to have a five minute stretch is one quick tool that can rapidly improve your way of life. Lifestyle coaching equips clients to be accountable for their health and wellbeing instead of making excuses.

Fat loss

The best way to lose fat is to make small manageable changes to your physical activity and nutrition. Health benefits include improved mobility, decreased risk of heart disease and lowered blood pressure.

Posture correction

Over time having a conscious awareness of correct body posture can replace poor posture. Additionally learning these simple techniques will have a big impact on your overall confidence.

Confidence boosting

Low confidence and self esteem are often associated with a lack of self love and care. Through movement and speech clients learn to take to take control of their lives and help improve day to day challenges.

Strength & Conditioning

Strength and conditioning includes speed, agility and endurance exercises designed to help clients reach optimum performance. Through a personalised program we can support you to enhance your sporting performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Cognitive Behavioural Techniques

Journaling, behavioural experiments, relaxation and stress reduction methods help clients to develop new thought processes and discover ways to overcome life challenges.

Muscle building

Building muscle helps to manage body fat - it can cut the risk of injury, slow the muscle loss that naturally occurs with age and increase bone density. Furthermore it will give you a great shape and increase your confidence.

Counselling skills

Counselling skills help clients to better understand personal, social and psychological problems. Clients learn to explore opportunities for change and to make better decisions.

Core stability

Physical strength starts from the core and is a fundamental part of fitness training. A strong core will improve your performance, help with back pain and prevent injuries.


Mindfulness gives clients the ability to focus on the here and now. Clients learn to listen to the body and disconnect from negative external energy.


Flexibility work is just as important for a well rounded fitness routine as strength and cardio, especially if you spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer. You will maintain your range of motion, prevent injury and improve your posture.




Tailored workout plans that work around your lifestyle and keeps you on track.


Benefits include mental stimulation, a more varied workout and fresh air.


A great way to achieve your goals in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Private studio

A well maintained, hygienic and clean training environment.

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